Unverified Commit adf24542 authored by Roland Denis's avatar Roland Denis
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Redirecting old document's urls to new website

Note: works only on the production website since Redirect(Match) accepts
only absolute url.
parent 2618ec6e
RedirectMatch permanent "^/(IMG|Documents)/(.*)$" "/attachments/spip/$1/$2"
......@@ -9,10 +9,11 @@ SITEURL = ''
PATH = 'content'
STATIC_PATHS = ['static/robots.txt', 'static/spip.php', 'job_offers']
STATIC_PATHS = ['static/robots.txt', 'static/spip.php', 'static/.htaccess', 'job_offers']
'static/robots.txt': {'path': 'robots.txt'},
'static/spip.php': {'path': 'spip.php'},
'static/.htaccess': {'path': '.htaccess'},
READERS = {'html': None} # prevent html attachments from being processed
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