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......@@ -72,13 +72,31 @@
\title{A kinetic method for solving the MHD equations. Application to the
computation of tilt instability on uniform fine meshes.}
\author{Hubert Baty, Florence Drui,\\
Emmanuel Franck, Philippe Helluy\\
Christian Klingenberg, Lukas Tannhaüser}
\institute{Observatoire de Strasbourg, CEA, IRMA, Inria Tonus, University of
\titlerunning{Kinetic method for MHD}
\authorrunning{Baty \textit{et al.}}
\author{Name of Author\inst{1}\and
Name of Author\inst{2}}
% Use \authorrunning{Short Title} for an abbreviated version of
% your contribution title if the original one is too long
\institute{Name and Address of your Institute
\and Name and Address of your Institute \texttt{name@email.address}}
\author{Hubert Baty \inst{1} \and
Florence Drui \inst{2} \and
Emmanuel Franck\inst{3} \and
Philippe Helluy\inst{3} \and
Christian Klingenberg\inst{4} \and Lukas Tannhaüser \inst{4}}
\institute{Observatoire de Strasbourg \and CEA Saclay \and IRMA Université de Strasbourg Inria Tonus \texttt{} \and University of
\chapauthor{Philippe Helluy}
\abstract{This paper is devoted to the simulation of MHD flows with complex
......@@ -895,7 +913,6 @@ of magnitude (see for instance \cite{helluy2016asynchronous}).
AMD & 1 & float32 & 11.9 s & 159 s & 621 s & 6396 s & 1\tabularnewline
AMD & 24 & float32 & 1.01 s & 9.4 s & 153 s & 1380 s & 5\tabularnewline
Intel (pocl) & 16 & float32 & 2.30 s & 17.3 s & 96.6 s & 644 s & 10\tabularnewline
......@@ -921,7 +938,7 @@ of magnitude (see for instance \cite{helluy2016asynchronous}).
\end{tabular}\caption{Convergence and performance study\label{tab:Convergence-and-performance}.
Some tests are done in single precision (float32) and others in double
precision (float64). The ``efficiency'' is a comparison for N=1024
with the slowest device.}
with the slowest device. "CU" means "Compute Units": it is the number of activated cores in a CPU computation or of OpenCL processing elements for a GPU computation. }
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