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......@@ -41,22 +41,25 @@ Your main task will be to design, develop, maintain and enhance the protections,
If you like compilation, technical challenges and are curious about security, you will love this job\!
Who you are:
The skills or knowledge we think you should have:
- Familiar with LLVM or other compilation framework
- Development in C++ and Java
- Team player to exchange about your knowledge with others
But also, that would be nice if you knew:
- Java or Kotlin, and even better if you already played with the virtual machine internals
- Reverse Engineering
- CMake, Git and Gitlab
- Python
Why work at Qb?
- Work with an amazing team, eager to learn and play with new approach and technologies, mixing various skills (security, compilation, backend, ...)
- Attend conferences in your field, learn from many internal events (weekly conference, trainings, ...)
- Contributeand support open source tools, others and ours
......@@ -64,6 +67,7 @@ Why work at Qb?
- International environment with offices in Paris and Buenos Aires (team croissants vs. team asador), representations in Tokyo and Singapore
Recruitment process
1. Call with our talent acquisition manager
2. Play with a small challenge
3. Welcome at Qb&#39;s office (half day interview)
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