Unverified Commit 122b3455 authored by Roland Denis's avatar Roland Denis
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Reverting changes on create_spip_article_clean.py

parent 8d5410aa
......@@ -86,12 +86,7 @@ with open("./spip_yml/spip_articles.yml", 'r') as stream:
regex = re.compile(f'({r}.*)')
lines = regex.sub(remove, lines)
#lines = lines.encode('iso-8859-1', 'utf8').decode('utf-8', 'mixed')
import ftfy
lines = ftfy.fix_encoding(lines)
with open("tmp.yml", "w") as fout:
lines = lines.encode('iso-8859-1', 'utf8').decode('utf-8', 'mixed')
y = yaml.load(clean_titles(strip_invalid(lines)))
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