Commit dc9f721c authored by Matthieu Boileau's avatar Matthieu Boileau
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Tests with parametrize

parent 3ef29fc2
......@@ -27,7 +27,19 @@ def test_minimal_nbcourse(create_project):
def test_minimal_nbcourse_build(create_project):
"""Only test nbcourse object instantiation"""
def test_minimal_nbcourse_build_pages(create_project):
course = NbCourse()
with pytest.raises(SystemExit):["build_pages"])
TASKS = 'output_dir', 'copy_material', 'copy_reveal', 'zip_chapters', \
'build_pages', 'execute_notebooks', 'convert_to_html', \
'convert_to_slides', 'build_book', 'zip_archive'
@pytest.mark.parametrize('task', TASKS)
def test_minimal_nbcourse_build(create_project, task):
course = NbCourse()["-n 4"])
with pytest.raises(SystemExit):["-n 4", task])
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