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Handle doit task errors

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......@@ -390,5 +390,5 @@ class NbCourse:
if args is None:
args = []
doit_config = {} # TODO: implement verbosity option
return MyDoitMain(ClassTaskLoader(self),
......@@ -33,18 +33,16 @@ def test_minimal_nbcourse(create_project):
def test_minimal_nbcourse_build(create_project, task):
"""test nbcourse on list of doit tasks returned by get_functions"""
course = NbCourse(MINI_CONF)
with pytest.raises(SystemExit):["-n 4", task])
assert["-n 4", task]) == 0
def test_nbcourse(create_project):
"""Test sample with nbcourse.yml example file"""
@pytest.mark.skip(reason="material directories not available yet")
def test_nbcourse_build(create_project):
"""Test sample build with nbcourse.yml example file"""
course = NbCourse(Path('nbcourse.yml'))
with pytest.raises(SystemExit):["-n 4"])
assert["-n 4"]) == 0
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