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# nbcourse: publish your course based on Jupyter notebooks
## Features
`nbcourse` helps you building a static website to publish your course content in the form of jupyter notebooks (one notebook for one chapter).
Main features:
- all the configuration is described by a single `nbcourse.yml` file
- it is based on [doit]( in order to build efficently the html files
- chapters can be displayed in *preview mode* only so attendees can see the whole course program without being able to access content of the lessons to come
- notebooks can be:
- rendered as static html files,
- rendered as static reveal slideshows,
- packaged with all their material in a downloadable archive,
- compiled in a single pdf book using [bookbook](
- the theme can be easily customized (html files are templated using jinja)
See [this python course]( (in French) as an example.
## Installation
pip install nbcourse
## Usage
### Initiate an empty nbcourse project
nbcourse --init
### Configure your website
- Put your notebooks file in the `notebook/` directory
- Edit the `nbcourse.yml` file created by the `nbcourse --init` command.
### Build your website
Resulting files are in the `build/` directory.
### Get help
nbcourse --help
### Publish
Publishing with [GitLab Pages]( is easy using a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file as the following:
image: boileaum/jupyter
- pip install nbcourse
- nbcourse -n 5
- mv build public
- public
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